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Tim Donley DDS MSD



Beyond the Mouth is a community of like-minded dental health care providers who realize that today’s dentistry is not just about cleaning teeth…its about wellness.


If you want to better help your patients and your practice by using the latest research linking oral inflammation with overall health… join the community!

We are in the age of serious dental medicine.   Health care is squarely focused on the role that’s systemic inflammation plays in the development and progression of many chronic diseases of aging.  We know what increases the body’s inflammatory burden: poor diet, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, stress, lack of quality sleep, being over ideal weight, etc.   It turns out it is time to put periodontal inflammation on the list.   Inflammation of oral origin contributes to the systemic burden of inflammation when periodontal disease is inadequately managed.


Today’s dentistry has to be about more than just cleaning teeth.

We can help patients achieve wellness by co-managing the
risk factors that link oral and systemic diseases and by helping them achieve a functional and esthetic dentition that can be maintained relatively inflammation-free over their lifespan.

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