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The Beyond The Mouth podcast was developed from the realization that is time to change. It is time to leave behind the limited image of the dentist as the senior member of the oral hygiene police, with the dental hygienists the loyal foot soldiers in the war against plaque. Instead, it is time to move forward and embrace the preferred concept of the dentist and hygienist as important members of the team necessary to help patients achieve better oral and overall health.

Dr. Tim Donley graduated from the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University School of
Dentistry, completed a general practice residence, then practiced general dentistry. He then return to Indiana University to complete his training in Periodontics and Dental Implantology. He is a sought after international lecturer who has devoted his efforts to developing preferred diagnosis and treatment protocols that can maximally help your patients and help your practice.


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Beyond the Mouth is a community of like-minded dental health care providers who realize that today’s dentistry is not just about cleaning teeth…its about wellness.


If you want to use the latest research concerning the link between what happened in the mouth and what happens in the rest of the body…join the community.

Cara Maureen

Graphic Design Director

Cara is our graphic designer and is responsible for making sure all patient materials and website content looks amazing. Cara graduated from High Point University with a degree in graphic design.  She is active in photography and trivial pursuits.  Cara resides in Charleston, South Carolina.  

Beth Taul

Website/Podcast Liaison

Beth brings a world of experience in dental administration to She excels at treatment coordinating and making care affordable for patients.   Beth manages subscriptions, public relations, seminar bookings and assists in podcast/webinar productions.

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